Suzuki Zululand Richards Bay

160 x 410W Canadian Solar Panels

80kWa Goodwe Grid-tie Inverter

Department of Public Works, Ulundi (20kW Grid Tie solar power plant)

Shelly Boulevard Centre, Shelly Beach KZN South Cost, 301kW Grid-tie solar power system for the whole of the centre.

Alliance One, Lilongwe, Malawi (28.8kW)

St. Lucia Eco Lodge, 23kW grid-tie solar power system. Provides for 90% odd daily power demand for electricity. Reduces 47% of total power consumption.

Richards Bay Industrial Development Zone. 11kW hybrid bi-directional solar power system which completely runs the Entrance Offices to RBIDZ.

Richards Bay Coal Terminal. Pilot project. ( 12 x 500W LED high mast lights for the coal terminal. Provides for 30% more light compared to traditional 1000W HPS lights with 49% energy savings).